Tabard narrowly beaten by Letchworth

In an exciting game at Letchworth on Saturday, Tabard went ahead by 15 points but, despite showing tenacity, their luck ran out again and they ended up losing 22-20.

Tabard played with the gusting wind and the slope in the first half and right from the start this enabled them to put pressure on Letchworth but the pressure did not bring points until eight minutes into the game when centre Jack Reilly kicked a penalty.

Tabard continued to dominate and were edging the game up front despite Letchworth’s bigger pack and this enabled them to have more than their fair share of possession although Letchworth nearly scored a breakaway try but the referee brought them back for an infringement.

Tabard’s backs then showed some flair, stand off Gerry Arasa ran through in his own half, centre Joe Calnan carried the move on but was stopped just short. Tabard re-cycled efficiently and Reilly made a powerful surge through for the score which he converted.

Tabard were soon able to increase their lead, this time second row Sam Barrow, who had a storming game throughout, took a clean line out ball and, from the ensuing drive, Tabard scored with no.8 Cam O’Connor claiming the touchdown.

Then Tabard’s luck deserted them again and, in their own 22 metre area, Letchworth pressure caused a pass to go awry and the loose ball was pounced on by Streets and he was over for the score.

The teams turned round with Tabard leading 15-5.

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After the break Letchworth were quickly into their stride and scored a good try of their own when the ball was opened up wide quickly and stand off Davis scored with fullback Hrbek, adding the conversion.

Midway through the half Letchworth took the lead for the first time when wing Johal scampered up the touchline for the try following a break by Davis. Hrbek converted and this put his side four points clear.

Despite playing uphill and into the wind Tabard kept their heads and repeated pressure near their opponent’s line brought Letchworth a yellow card, which the hosts capitalised on with another lineout drive for the try, claimed again by O’Connor, to give them a one point margin in their favour.

With seven minutes remaining Hrbek converted a penalty for Letchworth and Tabard did not have enough time to retaliate and were defeated by 22 points to 20.

Team: Elliott Hurrell, Tom King, Joe Calnan, Jack Reilly, John Aguila, Gerald Arasa, Liam Kenny, Bill Lake, Jack Girdlestone, Wilf Lake, Sam Barrow, Jo Jacobs, Jamie Hancock, Scot Stoba and Cam O’Connor. Replacements: Jermaine Ijieh, Shane Austin and Dan Calnan.

It was a family affair in more ways than one in the Tabard 2nd XV game at Welwyn on Saturday, when two fathers, Roger Beadle and Nigel Gough, each played with their two sons, Harry and George Gough and Chris and Bradley Beadle, on the pitch. Tabard won 55-12 with both families claiming points.