STARS shine brightly at Annual Championships

ROLLER SKATING: ST ALBANS Artistic Roller Skating Club held the 20th edition of their annual club championships recently with all the club’s skaters taking part.

Artistic roller skating is similar to figure skating on ice and there are several disciplines within the sport.

St Albans Artistic Roller Skating Club trains its juniors in figures, free skating and solo dance disciplines and nurtures skaters from the beginners to nationals and internationals.

The Annual Club Championship consisted of a blend of the club’s novices, national and international skaters and proved to be a successful event.

Grace Collins came first in the primary figures and free section with Yasmin Vacca coming out on top in the novice equivalent.

Courtney Palmer took the top honours in the intermediate figures and free category while Katie Smith came first in the senior figures event.

It was a successful day for Smith who also finished first in the senior free skating and senior figures & free skating categories.

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Kaela Owusu finished first in the primary solo dance section while Vacca notched her second first placed finish of the day with victory in the novice solo dance.

There was a first placed finish in the intermediate solo dance section for Abigail Mason with Scarlett Stanley coming out on top in the senior solo dance event.

The club also handed out two individual trophies on the day, the Jubilee Trophy and the STARS Trophy.

The Jubilee Trophy is awarded to the skater who displayed an instant and professional attitude towards a possible danger incident on the skating floor and was won by Rachel Priseman.

The STARS Trophy is awarded by the Judges to the skater whom they felt displayed on the floor during practice and competition artistic roller skating in the way they would like to see it promoted and this was won by Emily Daly.

STARS would like to encourage more skaters to join their junior group on Tuesdays after Christmas at Marlborough School from 5-6 pm.

The skating is aimed at boys and girls aged from four upwards with the first class scheduled for Tuesday, January 11.

Anybody who is interested in getting involved in artistic roller skating should contact the club on 01727 830332 or e-mail

More information on the club can be found on the club’s website -