St Albans Judo Club hosts Randori fun day

JUDO: ST ALBANS Judo Club hosted its third Annual Randori Fun Day on Saturday bringing together seven clubs from all over the region.

Seventy-five children under 12 years old took part in a special afternoon run by coaches from all the participating clubs which was devised to introduce the youngsters to contest judo and the contest environment.

There were demonstrations of how competitions are run and how throws and hold downs are scored followed by Randori (free practise) in an organised contest style structure. This was watched closely and encouraged by parents and coaches alike the kids had a fantastic day learning new skills and basic contest rules in a safe and friendly way.

Parents and the children were also taught about registration and weigh-in procedures and making sure the judo suits are correctly sized and conform to competition rules.

The day saw some fantastic judo from all age groups with stunning throws coming when least expected, but executed with care and respect.

Several older club juniors helped and learnt competition administration, refereeing, time keeping and scoring and joined in with the games sessions as well.

The clubs that took part were Welwyn (Gosling), Shinto from Enfield, Rush from Berkhamsted, Bury from Hemel Hempstead, and Barnet as well as the home club, St Albans.