St Albans dog’s joy over Euros defeat

WHEN England lost out during the quarter final shootout in its Euro 2012 match against Italy on Sunday, Ted the Border terrier of St Albans nearly howled with delight.

Not that the pooch isn’t in to sport; it’s just that he is fed up with football according to owner Sam Jacobs, who sent the Herts Advertiser this photo of Ted showing his “thank God it’s all over” look.

Sam said that while watching Euro 2012 on TV the normally laid-back Ted, “goes on the settee and puts his head down, especially if we are cheering, as if to say ‘I hate football’.”

However Ted is known for putting on an act, as some St Albans residents might recognise the pet as Toto in the Wizard of Oz show at the Alban Arena 10 years ago.

Sam said Ted, who favours rom-coms, has been “resting” from acting ever since.

The saying about letting sleeping dogs lie is probably appropriate for Ted, especially during the footie!