Mixed ability rugby and Saracens Sports Foundations received the thumbs up from Harpenden star Jack Singleton

Harpenden, Saracens and England star Jack Singleton helped out at the increasingly popular Saracens

Harpenden, Saracens and England star Jack Singleton helped out at the increasingly popular Saracens Sports Foundation mixed ability rugby sessions at his home town club. Picture: SARACENS - Credit: Archant

Jack Singleton has hailed the work of the Saracens Sports Foundation after joining a well-attended and fun-filled mixed ability rugby session at Harpenden Rugby Club.

The hometown hero said he was unaware of the charity arm of the Premiership rugby club before signing from Worcester but is now well versed in what they do.

He said: "That's my second time with the foundation and it is always good fun to get out there with them and have a little run about.

"We had a presentation at the club the other week to show us some of the work they have done in the 20 years.

"And the amount of lives they have affected is truly incredible.

It's awesome to see people of all abilities coming down and enjoying rugby.

"That's what it is all about, getting people involved, getting people active and its brilliant work that Saracens Sports Foundation does.

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"It's not the easiest sport to pick up either so credit to the coaches and the volunteers who come out and have done all that work with them."

Tomas Gamage, senior development manager at the the foundation, explained the concept of mixed ability rugby.

He said: "People with disabilities are sometimes marginalised from society and we understand the power of sport and what that can give people.

"Rugby plays a massive part and what we do is partner with grassroots clubs to train their coaches, give them support where they need it and provide the opportunity for mixed ability rugby to start.

"We're making sure that rugby clubs are inclusive as possible and catering for everyone in their community.

"Both abled and disabled members of the community come together and play a form of the game.

"Those lucky enough to have been part of a rugby club know what a community feel they have and what we want to make sure is that anyone can come into their club and participate.

"It's an amazing part of the game and you can see that from the amount of people that have come out and all their smiling faces.

"They are also reaping the rewards for what physical activity can do for their mental and physical health, they are making friends and gaining important life lessons."