Allinson unsure of what comes next as Saints prepare to vote on season

Ian Allinson has said the National League got it wrong with their decision not to postpone games. Pi

Ian Allinson has said the National League got it wrong with their decision not to postpone games. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

Mystery still shrouds what will happen with the National League South and St Albans City this season despite league bosses advising clubs to vote for ending the campaign.

City will meet to discuss their choice after the National League asked all clubs in their three divisions to give option on what happens next.

The problems come with the fact that the choice of the 22 National League South clubs will be distilled into just four votes, and there is no mention of how that will work.

There is also no mention of what it actually means to end the season now. It could mean null and void like has been done from step three down or using points-per-game to decide final positions.

Saints manager Ian Allinson said: “I imagine [the final decision] won’t affect us. There’s no relegation, although that’s not been confirmed, but there’s no promotions from the league below.

“We will have a discussion on Friday before it goes back but I’d imagine [the overall decision] will be to just void the leagues.

“I don’t know how you break our four votes down. We all vote I take it but I don’t know. What does our vote mean to the four votes?”

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The National League had also thanked the Premier League for the £2m funding that has been moved forward from it’s usual payment date around August.

Saints will receive in the region of £13,000 but Allinson believes more needs to be passed down from the cash-rich clubs at the top of the pyramid to safeguard the future of those in non-league.

He said: “The National League made a statement last night to say thank you to the Premier League for the money, which is great, but there is no additional money.

“I think all the clubs including ourselves would be looking for additional money from the Premier League or the FA to help us over this period.

“At first we thought brilliant but it is only money we would have got in August. You’ll be fine now but short in September.

“The managing director of Dagenham & Redbridge said the National League need £15m to £20m to survive over the next three months. That’s probably a truer reflection, not £2m.

“That’s where I would say what support can non-league clubs get because there is no revenue coming in.

“We’re relying on the Premier League or the FA or whoever to support non-league.”