Scrap it or play it but do it for all says St Albans City boss Ian Allinson

Joe Iaciofano's goal at Braintree Town may not be the final one of St Albans City's season after all

Joe Iaciofano's goal at Braintree Town may not be the final one of St Albans City's season after all. Picture: IAN HALL - Credit: Archant

Ian Allinson would like to see the season played to a finish but just wants the final decision of the FA to be made across the board.

The St Albans City boss could still yet see his team fulfil their fixtures for the 2019-2020 season but that is in contrast to clubs like Colney Heath who have seen their campaigns ended and declared void.

“For me you make one decision,” said Allinson. “You either keep the whole lot going or you cancel it all.

“As far as I’m concerned, the decision [to void step three down] said there is no promotion from the leagues below.

“So if there is no promotion from below, then there can be no relegation from above.

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“The FA made a decision [last week] and whether it is right or wrong, there are a lot of clubs disappointed that the leagues have ended.

“Whether that can stay in place I don’t know but I’m sure there is something in the constitution to say the FA’s decision is final.

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“My argument is just to leave it. When we can get back to playing we’ll start the season.

“We might not be able to get back playing football until October/November time.

“It’s difficult to say you’re going to scrap a year of [Premier League] football because of all the TV money and the payments that the club’s get.

“They would lose that for a year which will put football into a really difficult position financially.”

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