Richmond beat OA Saints in pre-season finale

OA Saints

OA Saints - Credit: Archant

On Sunday OA Saints ended their pre-season series against Richmond, who acknowledged the Albanian strength by selecting from all three of their sides, including the Premiership outfit.

Skipper Kate Barnes suffered a thumb injury early on but, despite the break, played the entire game! Nicky Cameron was unable to overcome a warm-up mishap so Katie Robertson, normally at full back became the playmaker and threatened the Richmond defensive line with a flat offence all afternoon.

The result in the sun at Woollams was a 34-19 win for the visitors but this was a great workout for the ladies who are expecting so much from this coming year.

Kat Josephides and Sophie Tyler were the pick of the forwards and backs respectively and debutantes Louise Farrow and Abi Wilkin starred on the wings.

Saints open their League season next week and details will appear on the club website.