Rangers go Dutch

ST ALBANS Rangers held their annual football exchange with Dutch team Zelos over the May Day weekend. This year it was the turn of the Dutch to come to England and for the Dutch boys and girls to stay with the families of Rangers’ players.

On the first day, Rangers organised a tournament for the Dutch and several other English teams.

The Dutch boys and girls spent the second day with the host families, followed by an evening exhibition match between the English and Dutch team managers and a barbecue. The third day was spent at Chessington theme park, followed by evening challenge matches between the English and Dutch boys and girls in their respective age groups.

On the final day, there was a guided tour of Wembley football stadium and a visit to the Olympic stadium, followed by a farewell disco.

Rangers U14 Reds, one team that took part in the exchange, celebrated by winning the treble over the long weekend. They won the tournament against the Dutch and three other English teams before excelling themselves by winning the Spring Cup 2-1 when very much as underdogs against runaway league winners London Maccabi Lions. They then finished by winning the challenge match against the Dutch team.