Paralympic bronze medalist pays St Albans Judo Club a visit

PARALYMPIC Games bronze medalist Dartanyon Crockett and Paralympians Katie Howard-Davis and Christella Garcia were welcomed to St Albans Judo Club on Thursday.

SAJC’s junior squad and senior members had the amazing experience of training with some of the USA Paralympic Games team.

After a brilliant evening with the head coach of the USA team two weeks ago, Scott Moore a gold medalist in 2000, returned with three members of the team who had competed in the 2012 Paralympics.

Dartanyon also took along his bronze medal for everyone to see and touch.

Dartanyon and Katie took the junior contest class and senior class on Thursday evening, demonstrating new techniques and helping the young members practice them.

It was interesting for the young judoka to see how the techniques they have learnt can be adapted to suit their ability. T

he paralympians then took part in Randori (contest practice) with the young members of SAJC.

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Many of the young squad members had the fantastic opportunity of fighting with Paralympians.

The whole dojo cheered when one of their colleagues managed to throw the bronze medalist.

A club spokesperson said: “SAJC would like to thank the USA team for their time and enthusiasm while with us. They really are great ambassadors for the sport.”

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