St Albans City FC reveals new club crest

St Albans City Football Club has revealed its new crest. Picture: St Albans City Football Club

St Albans City Football Club has revealed its new crest. Picture: St Albans City Football Club - Credit: Archant

St Albans City Football Club has revealed a new crest, as both the club and St Albans City Youth FC enter a new era.

The latest incarnation of the Saints’ historic imagery features a return to the circular style crest last seen during the early 90s.

The city’s Roman heritage continues to be celebrated, featuring on a crest that signals the start an exciting new period for the club.

The yellow and blue design incorporates the club’s famous colours, while the saltire cross, the halo of Saint Alban and the Cathedral’s iconic Norman Tower complete the look.

During the lockdown period, the club took the time to reflect and bring forward some ideas on the crest and what it represents.

With the club’s community partner – St Albans City Youth FC – coming up to its 50-year anniversary, the decision was taken that the clubs would collaborate on the project.

The new crest was designed by Oomph Creative LLP and City Youth FC coach Ben Killner.

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Ben, who has over ten years’ experience with City Youth, proposed the redesign with the institution approaching its anniversary. His initial concept provided a foundation for the team to work on.

He said: “As a member of the community, a coach and a fan of both City Youth FC and St Albans City FC, I am delighted to have been involved with the concept creation and design of our new club badge.

“It aligns the youth football club and senior football club – bringing them closer together – celebrates our great city and provides us with a symbol that we can all be proud of.”

Lawrence Levy, chairman of St Albans City FC, explained: “The decision to implement a new crest was collective and one we didn’t take lightly. We included some of our young saints and as well as fans who were also involved throughout

the whole design process.

“We brought together many elements of our City and Clubs’ history; the Roman shield, the Abbey, the halo as well as the year we were founded.

“We wanted to make sure that our heritage remains very much part of our future and, as we look to progress both on and off the pitch, I hope all our fans will love the new crest. With some exciting times ahead, I will be so proud to see our fans and players wear the new crest and really can’t wait for the new season to start.“