Master versus apprentice when White takes on Hendry in Radlett

Jimmy White

Jimmy White - Credit: Archant

He would have every right to be jealous or angry, but Jimmy White insists he has nothing but admiration for Stephen Hendry ahead of their March 11 match at the Radlett Centre.

Hendry and White will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1990 World Championship on the Snooker Legends tour event. Hendry beat the Whirlwind to become the youngest ever world champion, a record he still owns, and lift the first of his seven world titles.

White would lose three more finals to Hendry, in ‘92, ‘93 and ‘94, and regards him as a “great champion”.

“If anyone was going to be envious of Stephen Hendry, it would be me because he beat me in four World Championship finals,” White told the Herts Ad.

“I actually feel a bit responsible for his career. I watched him play when he was 13 and realised then that he was very talented. I gave him some advice, for example he didn’t like practising so I told him he wouldn’t reach a high level without a lot of practice. I knew he would be a very good player.

“Stephen Hendry is a great champion. I think he retired too early but he might come back, not this year but maybe the 2016 World Championships.”

White has been on the Legends tour since its inception in 2010 when he, Cliff Thorburn, John Parrott, John Virgo, Michaela Tabb and Alex Higgins returned to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. This will be the first time, though, that he has done a Q&A with the audience. As well as a chance to ask White, Hendry and Virgo, who will compere the evening, a question, there is also the chance to win a game of doubles with the legends.

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“Everybody in the crowd has a good time and the chance to play with one of us. We raffle off a chance to play doubles, it’s something they will remember for the rest of their life,” said White.

“I’m looking forward to it and, for snooker fans, it’s a great night of entertainment.”

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