St Albans City owner calls Clive Churchhouse death ‘worst thing to happen to me’

Clive Churchhouse. Picture: SOPHIE BROOKES

Clive Churchhouse. Picture: SOPHIE BROOKES - Credit: Archant

St Albans City’s co-owner Lawrence Levy said the emotional impact following the death of Clive Churchhouse was “the worst things that has happened to me”.

Today (Thursday) marks two years since the passing of the popular Saints' volunteer in an accident at Clarence Park with a lot of the intervening period taken up with the investigation and subsequent prosecution of the club.

Levy said: "It took a lot out of us emotionally, it was tough.

"The council's health and safety meeting was like being a criminal, the inquest was awful and then the prosecution where we were meeting with lawyers and barristers."

The inquest ruled the death an accident and the prosecution resulted in a fine totalling £2,100.

Levy said: "The prosecution and magistrate recognised that the club is operating like a pseudo charity.

"They took everything into account from the club's point of view and the family.

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"I met the family shortly after Clive's death and have since got close to them.

"I can't stress enough how generous they have been as they lost a father and a husband."