Gregory given thanks for time as Herts RFU President

John Gregory is presented with an award by Tim Bonnett

John Gregory is presented with an award by Tim Bonnett - Credit: Mick O'Shea/Herts RFU

Former St Albans player John Gregory was thanked for his efforts as he left the post of Herts RFU President.

Incoming President Tim Bonnett paid tribute to Gregory after his three-year term at the AGM at Welwyn RFC, saying: "The first person to serve for an extended period in this way due to Covid impacts.

"Many do not realise the amount of work that went on in the background to sustain clubs and restart the game and in his role as President John was actively involved in all of that.

"It should be remembered as well that, for sad reasons, for most of his presidency, John was without a deputy making the burden on him even greater.

"Prior to being President, John was treasurer for many years. He has worked magic at times as he showed remarkable patience with the spending demands of representative rugby - trips to Cornwall and of course Twickenham.

"The funds were always found and quietly in the background John was laying foundations and reserves that have sustained the CB through the most challenging period in history.

"His dedication is demonstrated as well by how he sustained his active roles even when he moved out of the county. The miles he has driven up and down the A1 supporting the board and executive and rugby in the county generally was also in a period when the journey was affected for a long time by road works and disruption. Not many would have shown such dedication.

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"John is a person of quiet wisdom – a great listener, but one knows if he feels something needs to be said, it will be worth hearing. He is always willing to listen and learn and constructively challenge new thoughts and ideas.

"The game has changed hugely in his time on the executive but he has rolled with punches and not stayed anchored in the past – though still remembering the best and most useful of historic custom and practice. If you achieved John’s support for an idea you were probably on the right track.

"The COVID disruption meant for much of the time, his presidency was not what he would've pictured it being. He accepted the situation and provided the solution best for Hertfordshire rugby of staying in post an additional year.

"It is often that the least recognised 'quiet man' is the key oil that keeps the rugby machine turning and that is the case with John. I personally look forward to having access to his quiet support and advice in the background as I take up my Presidency."