Metcalfe the boss and he aims to oversee the return of London Colney

New London Colney manager Jack Metcalfe (right) with Ken Charlery (left)

Jack Metcalfe (right) is the new London Colney manager after Ken Charlery (left) took a step back. - Credit: DANNY LOO

New London Colney manager Jack Metcalfe is in no doubt what his goals are - "I want to get the club back to where it should be". 

The former Blueboys and Welwyn Garden City goalkeeper had been assistant to Ken Charlery at the Cotlandswick-based club but with the major shareholder wanting to take step back, Metcalfe has seized his opportunity. 

And after two difficult seasons at the wrong end of the Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division, he wants to return the team closer to the other end of the standings.

Jack Metcalfe makes a save for London Colney

Jack Metcalfe has been named the new manager of London Colney. - Credit: KARYN HADDON

"I’m really delighted," the new gaffer said. "Everybody knows how much I think of the club. I’ve been here for about six years and I love it.  

"I’m ready to work hard and get the club back to where it should be. 

"I always tell people the same story. When I was at Welwyn we came to Colney around Christmas and they had a good hundred people watching and it felt a good community club with a lot of potential.  

"That’s my aim. I’m not going to be unrealistic with the targets. I’m not saying we want to be champions or go unbeaten.  

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"We just want a stable and settled squad and get the community back through the door and involved.  

"There are so many good people behind the scenes. People think Ken was just a football manager but you wouldn’t if you saw him. His workload is incredible, [commercial and clubhouse manager] Kim Grainger too.  

"The people there really deserve it and I hope I can be the one to bring it back to them." 

The change in management does not mean Charlery has left the club though, merely wanting to devote time to other parts of the organisation. 

And once the phone call was made, Metcalfe said it only took a short time before the wheels were put in motion. 

He said: "Because of work and family I’d taken some time away from the club just before Christmas but Ken gave me a call saying he was looking to step back. 

"I sat on it for a couple of days as the position hadn’t really clicked in my mind but then I realised this is my time to step up.  

"I think I’m ready and after a couple of meetings, here we are."