Planning impossible as Allinson calls on FA and National League to resolve the uncertainty

Manager of St Albans City Ian Allinson. Picture: DANNY LOO

Manager of St Albans City Ian Allinson. Picture: DANNY LOO - Credit: Picture: DANNY LOO

Ian Allinson says “positive and quick” answers need to be given to clubs so they can finally start to plan what comes next.

An announcement from the FA yesterday voided the non-league season and expunged all results from step three of the pyramid down, ending Royston Town’s hopes of promotion or Colney Heath’s title challenge.

However, it also said that they would work with the National League “to determine the outcome of its 2019-20 season as quickly as possible”.

And it is that unknown, and the numerous questions it throws up, that is causing headaches for the St Albans City boss.

He said: “You can’t plan, the club can’t make any decisions, we have to look at everything we are doing.

“If the season is going to continue when does it continue?

“When do you start putting up season ticket information? Some clubs have already but when does the season start? When does this one end?

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“Yesterday was transfer deadline day for us. Did they do anything about that? I don’t know. Did they extend it and if not then we’ll have to go with the same squad.

“Where are we going to be with players and with players’ fitness levels if we start on July 1. We’ll probably have to bring them in for two weeks before.

“And all the time this is going on, who is paying the players?

“What happens with my players. Am I allowed to sign anybody?

“There are so many grey areas and we don’t seem to be getting any positive or quick advice from the National League or the FA to some of the questions we’re asking.

“We’re not getting any answers.

“The National League may make a decision next Friday and it will be interesting to see what they do.

“Chances are they will keep it in line with the Premier League and EFL and suspend until April 30.”

One thing has already occupied some of the conversations between Allinson and secretary Leigh Page, the Clarence Park pitch.

The City boss said: “We’re planning to have the contractors in during May. That’s seven weeks though and if we don’t get someone down there to cut it, that could be 18 inches high and full of weeds.

“That’s probably a job that people need to do but you don’t want too many people mingling.

“Someone needs to go down and check the pitch and the ground.

“It does need looked after and we’ll need it for whenever the season starts.”