Ian Allinson happy to see National League's null and void decision challenged by clubs

Mitchell Weiss in action for St Albans City.

St Albans City's last game was against rivals Hemel Hempstead Town, another club who have challenged the decision. - Credit: JIM STANDEN

Ian Allinson says he is glad that the clubs who want to carry on the season have banded together to challenge the powers-that-be.

St Albans City and clubs as diverse as Chelmsford City, York City and Chorley have written to Mark Ives of the National League after the National League South was declared null and void.

He said: "I’m pleased that the teams have got together and made a bit of a challenge. It shows where the club wants to be.

"We want to continue, we want to keep playing and we want to try and gain promotion. 

"We’re in limbo at the minute because if they can get the decision overturned, then do we train? Do we play games? 

"At the moment we’ve sent everyone away from the club until it all settles down. 

"This has been going on since before Christmas though.  We’ve played four games in nine weeks and that is all. 

"In between we have had some training sessions but it has all been stop-start.

"It’s just about waiting and seeing where we are but the waiting [is horrible]."

The boss says the lack of funding has not yet affected his management of the squad but totally understands why some clubs opted to furlough players prior to the league's official announcement.

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"I spoke to our owners and whether they fund it themselves or look for grants or loans, that’s obviously down to them. 

"But they have not once said I have to move players on. 

"At the moment we are using the furlough scheme but if we come back and start playing, then the players will have to come off it. 

"In the long term [the owners] will have to look at ways of funding the football club and I know they have looked at. 

"But until they tell me I can’t have a certain player or can’t have this or that, then we’ll just carry on as we are.

"If the owners had said we couldn’t finish the season then I think we would have been in the same scenario as Billericay and Tonbridge Angels. 

"I’m sure we would have looked to play the academy and looked to play trialists or signed some players to finish the season, especially if there is going to be no relegation from the National League South. 

"But until you are put in that position, you don’t know."