St Albans City would like to finish the season says Zane Banton but health of family and friends comes first

Zane Banton says the St Albans City squad would like to finish the season but health comes first. Pi

Zane Banton says the St Albans City squad would like to finish the season but health comes first. Picture: LEIGH PAGE - Credit: Archant

Zane Banton feels the St Albans City squad would prefer to finish the season if possible but admits the safety of his family and friends should come before any footballing decision.

Victory over Braintree Town two days before the National League South was suspended left Saints outside of the relegation zone but with seven games still to play.

But uncertainty now reigns and the 23-year-old is no different to many in the country when asked what should happen next.

He said: “Everybody loves football, me and the lads all do and of course we want to finish the season.

“It will feel like unfinished business if it just ends now.

“There is a lot of pressure that goes with [being involved in a fight against relegation] but in a weird way a lot of the lads were going to enjoy the battle.

“We were going to roll our sleeves up and make sure we saw the season out in a good position and weren’t in a relegation scrap right to the end of the season.

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“That’s a bit annoying but from there I don’t know.

“What happens if all leagues are suspended until the end of April? Where are you at when we get into May?

“Maybe there will be a crazy couple of weeks where we all have to fit three games into a week but I don’t know.

“That’s the best option but at the same time you have to think about personal issues.

“My mum and dad are not exactly young and I see my nan a lot. What happens if it is not all fully cleared up and lingering about?

“That’s in the back of my mind if we go back to training twice a week and matches where you are in contact with a lot of people.

“And when football does start properly do you then go back to normal life? Do you keep it how it is with not much social contact?

“It’s really confusing but if it starts again with training and games, that will put a lot of us into a false sense of security where we think we can start visiting this person and that person.

“There are so many unanswered questions about everything, whether that’s work, football or life. I’m worrying and I know everyone else is worrying.”

The victory over Braintree was crucial according to the forward but that was the last chance for a run around with the squad with all training last week cancelled as well.

Strangely the break may well be welcomed after so many big games but Banton admits that how best to maintain that level of fitness over the coming weeks is again clouded in uncertainty.

He said: “We’ve had some hard games over the least six weeks. All of the boys have been covering very large distances according to the GPS.

“I’m a fit person but this week, the first week, I’ve been chilling.

“But when you get two weeks down the line you do then have to start ticking over, whether that’s a run or a little circuit at home or whatever.

“It’s all really strange and I can’t get my head round it at all.”