Harperbury will carry on project next year

Bowls Club hope ‘Get back into Bowls’ will still prove success

BOWLS: For a second year running Harperbury Bowls Club ran a ‘Get Back Into Bowls’ project on behalf of ‘Active St Albans’, the brand name of the Community Sports Network in St Albans City and District.

The club once again signed up a number of people for the project at the start of the season but following the wettest summer for 100 years, fewer than half of them saw the season out. All this conspired to make the season difficult and not everyone made enough progress to play in at least one friendly match.

In order to give everyone in the project a chance to sample a match, an extra event was arranged and an ‘End of Term’ simulated friendly was staged last Saturday with a club president’s team playing a past president’s team. The result was not important, but there was a smile on the president’s face.

President Peter Noden said: “What is important is that next March, with spring in the air – new members will be more likely to be itching to get back on to a bowling green.” Harperbury will be running another ‘Get Back Into’ project for Active St Albans in 2013.

For further information and for anyone wishing to join the project or get more details, contact Peter Noden on 01727 867732.