Gray aiming for more “professional” set up at City

David Keenleyside makes a challenge. Picture: Bob Walkley

David Keenleyside makes a challenge. Picture: Bob Walkley - Credit: Archant

New lines have been drawn in the sand at St Albans City.

Joint manager James Gray has had “heart-to-heart” talks with his players in recent weeks about a change in the way the team will be run.

He told the Herts Ad that he thought a number of players were coasting and also suggested that some had ignored his instructions during games.

“I felt some of them were on easy street. We need people pushing each other for the shirt and taking instructions onto the pitch from the manager, whether they think it’s right or not,” he said.

The talks weren’t focussed purely on the players, though. Gray explained that the way he approaches management will also change.

“I told the lads how it’s going to be from now on and they took it on board,” he said.

“I have to move on from playing and being involved with that. I’m not saying I’ve been lenient or that I’m going to rule with an iron fist, but all that has to stop. We’re setting out a new structure so there’s more professionalism.

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“I told them that this week. For example, the performances on the pitch; if it’s not happening then we’re going to change it. We’re going to do things properly.

He added: “Graham [Golds, joint manager] and I have had success since we took over but we need to kick on. We’re in a new league and everyone understands that.

“It’ll be a gradual change but we all understand that we need to get a little more professional.”