Everett hangs up her boots

Cath Everett has been a key figure in women’s rugby over the past two decades. Here OA Saints chairman Amanda Bate looks at her contribution to the sport.

CATH Everett started playing for the women’s rugby team at St Albans RFC in about 1991 - no one is exactly sure as it was so long ago!

This was only a couple of seasons after the team was set up and she followed the footsteps of her sister Jane.

Cath was a key member of the first team for the next 20 years playing pretty much every position on the pitch although her favourite has always been flanker.

As a dedicated and talented sportswoman she spent a number of years amongst the England ranks playing both Divisional and England A rugby. Cath also captained the team for many years bringing her talent, experience and a cool head to the pitch - this was particularly useful when faced with a players hideous injury calmly telling them ‘it didn’t look too bad’ and ‘it might not be broken’ even when faced with a foot on backwards, an arm pointing in the wrong direction or a nose resembling Mike Tindall’s.

Her post match speeches were legendary and she also had an amazing ability to loose every coin toss for kick-off - although this was soon considered to be a good omen for the team.

Cath had short breaks from rugby to have her two children, Hannah and Sophia but even having kids didn’t keep her off the pitch for long, she would feed Hannah at half time and after the birth of Sophia was back on the pitch within a couple of months.

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Her dedication on the pitch has always been matched with her dedication off the pitch attending any social going and rugby tour most years.

Cath was instrumental in helping the club rise through the ranks of the Women’s game into the Premiership in 1997, back to South East 1 and steadily back up to the Premiership in 2010, before deciding to hang up those well worn boots.

Her retirement is a huge loss to women’s rugby and particularly OA Saints, however Cath will forever be a true Saint!