District Pairs win for Baddams and Head

Batchwood Hall Bowls Club’s Adrian Baddams and Jim Head beat Gary West and Peter Armstrong at Townsend 20-18 in the District Pairs.

The ladies had a mixed week, losing to North Mymms but beating Oxhey and Harpenden. The loss to Mymms in the District League gave way to a 45-31 home win over Oxhey, where the top rink was rink Vera Baddams, Judith Simons, Tricia Brady and Liz Schlatter, 21-15.

The win over Harpenden came in the District Triples with Batchwood winning home (23-5) and away (19-10). The teams were Pat Savage, Barbara Palmer and Pam Ward and Teresa Wood, Christine Vickers and Liz Schlatter.

In the District League, Batchwood men lost away at North Mymms by 16 shots with both teams winning two rinks each. The top rink for Batchwood was Ray Singh, Chris Whiting, Adrian Baddams and Dave Norrell (25-18).

St Albans hosted a men’s friendly against Batchwood, which was narrowly won by the home side by four shots (79-75). Top rink was Stan Endericks, Ray Singh, Bob Aris and John Harvey (24-21).

In a mixed match, Batchwood beat Harperbury 74-56 and on all four rinks. Top rink was Dick Brewster, Ray Singh, Mac McGregor and Sylvia Brewster (25-9).