Cub football: 5th/13th score eight in rout

An older side from the 5th/13th cubs took on the young team from the 9th and Ben Wick scored the first of his two first half goals.

The second half continued much the same as the first with the 5th/13th dominating the possession and the 9th holding strong at the back until a late flurry of goals from Adam Nash, Leo Merryfield, Daniel Busby, Thomas van Winden and two more for 5th/13th man of the match Ben Wick resulted in an 8-0 win. Man of the match for the 9th went to Ethan Peacock.

Sandridge beat 17th St Albans 7-2. The first few minutes of the game saw great defence from both teams, before a goal for Sandridge from Jack Carmichael followed by a second from Luca Hammond. 17th man of the match Harry Clarke replied for a half-time score of 2-1.

In the second half Jack Carmichael scored three further goals for Sandridge, added to by singles from Gabe Fitzgerald Smith and Daniel Gower with Harry Clarke scoring his second for the 17th. Sandridge man of the match was Finn Thomas.