Disruption to working life just as worrying for St Albans City footballer Zane Banton

Zane Banton says his working life is suffering as much as his football one because of coronavirus. P

Zane Banton says his working life is suffering as much as his football one because of coronavirus. Picture: KARYN HADDON - Credit: Archant

It’s not just his football life that has been hit by the coronavirus outbreak with Zane Banton also left to ponder the damage being done away from Clarence Park.

Having been released from Luton Town in 2017, the young St Albans City forward admitted he was at a loose end as to what to do with a life that suddenly no longer had professional football in it.

Fortunately there was an offer of work in the building trade and while that has excited the 23-year-old and give him a goal to strive for, the sweeping pandemic looks set to bring a halt to that too.

He said: “After I left Luton I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, whether that was go to university or start an apprenticeship.

“I started working with my girlfriend’s stepdad. I was a bit down in the dumps and he said ‘see how you find working with me for a few days a week’.

“He’s a well-known builder in and around Hitchin and Stevenage and I found I really liked the carpentry side.

“I’m now at college doing a carpentry course and working with him.

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“We’re on a job at the minute and we’ve probably got a week’s more work but after that I can see it drying up.

“We wanted to get a building inspector out to check and while they said they would, they also said sooner or later they would stop coming out.

“Stuff like that makes you realise work will have to be put on hold.

“A lot of our work is structural and if you can’t get an inspector to check it, then you are struggling.”

The lessening of social contact, together with the suspension of football and potentially that of work, could give Banton the chance to slow down what is usually a hectic life.

So used to the speed of that life as he is though, he admits the thought doesn’t excite him.

He said: “Usually I have such a hectic week. I try not to run myself into the ground because I’ve made that mistake before when I worked for five days a week.

“It is quite demanding so I’ve started to taking a day off but I’m still at college two nights a week with my carpentry, one theory and one practical, and then there is training.

“So it’s going from that, four 14-hour days, to no college, no football, no games and it’s crazy.

“I’m struggling already and I don’t even want to think about lockdown. I’ll go out of my mind.”