Concetta awarded 6th Dan

MARTIAL ARTS: A KARATE instructor from St Albans has been rewarded for her dedication by being presented with her 6th Dan award.

Concetta De-Bellis, 45, was completely taken by surprise to hear of her award. She has been teaching Karate to children and adults since 1983, for Tigers Shotokan Karate who have clubs in St Albans, Bushey, Borehamwood, and Park Street.

Be-Bellis said: “Not only is this a fantastic personal achievement but it is because of our wonderful students, both children and adults. I enjoy teaching, I am overwhelmed by the progress of our students especially the younger ones who start with little or no confidence and to see their progress is my biggest reward. I have seen students start as young children, and now they have grown up and are bringing their own children to us.

“One of our first karate kids is now a police officer for the Metropolitan Police and I still see him and his mother regularly and have become close friends.

“I am truly honoured by the commitment of my senior instructors Vando De-Bellis, Kevin O’Sullivan and most of all my sensei Ronald Charran who was a Black Belt when I started aged 17.

“I never believed then that one day I would get my 1st Dan let alone a 6th Dan.”

“They continually inspire me to do better in my own training and personal development. Their stamina and energy is relentless. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking them for their continued help and support.

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“I now have to commit for seven years to gain my next Dan and no doubt all being well I will still be here training harder than ever to maintain the standard that has given Tigers the reputation of being a hardworking, family friendly association.”

De-Bellis was awarded her 6th Dan from Sensei Steve Rowe 8th Dan Chairman of Shi Kon International and Chairman of the Martial Arts Standards Agency.

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