Change of chairman at Colney Heath does not mean a change of direction

Martin Marlborough (right) had his 25 years as chairman of Colney Heath recognised by the club earlier this season.

Martin Marlborough (right) had his 25 years as chairman of Colney Heath recognised by the club earlier this season. - Credit: COLNEY HEATH FC

It's all change at Colney Heath after a quarter of a century - with chairman Martin Marlborough stepping down.

The outgoing supremo decided to step back earlier in the month after 25 years with Richard Timpson stepping up from his vice-chairman post.

And the decision came fairly quickly but he still cherishes some very pleasant memories.

Marlborough said: "I took a couple of days where I wasn’t here, just to make sure I had thought it through and done the right thing. 

"It's been a long time.

"We’ve got plans to build the extra dressing rooms and facilities we need but finding the funding to do that alongside the day-to-day running of the club takes time. 

"I’m not running away from it but I’m nearly 66 now and it is time for other people to do it. 

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"I’ll still be doing something and I’ll still be coming on a Saturday. It’s still the cheapest pint in the village. 

"It is always nice winning in a cup final or going up as champions. We were robbed of that with the South Midlands unfortunately. We got promoted but we never actually won the league so that was a low point. 

"There isn’t one thing though that stands out. We’ve had a lot of good moments. 

"A lot of those cup finals we were wither the underdogs or didn’t play particularly well but nicked it." 

The changing of the guard will not mean a change in the ethos of the club though, with both old and new chairman saying they are still committed to keeping the Magpies on their forward trajectory, regardless of what happens this season.

Marlborough said: "There is still plenty of senior people around and I asked Richard if he was willing to do it. 

"We, and by we I mean all of the club including myself, have to support him going forward. 

"He’ll do things slightly differently but I don’t expect too many things to change. 

"He’s now the chairman and he’s 20-odd years younger than me. 

"Hopefully he will do it for a reasonable amount of time too." 

Timpson's role is still classed as interim but he is keen for it to be made official at the AGM.

He said: "I’ve grown very fond of this club, I’ve got Colney Heath in my blood now. 

"There are a lot of great people here with a lot of experience and I’ve been on the committee for six years with them. 

"They’ll still be here and there is a lot of good knowledge in different areas on that committee. 

"We function as one team and it will continue that way. 

"We have a core of people keeping this club going and that’s not just adult football, that’s down through the youths and the ladies. 

"It works very well and is something we are very proud. 

"Nothing stops, we just keep moving to get bigger as a club. 

"I just want to carry on the good work Martin has been doing, not rock the ship, and keep things going."

And while the first-team sit bottom of the pile in their first season as a Southern League club, there is no shortage of confidence at the Recreation Ground.

Timpson said: "Our U23s are flying, our U18s are flying, our youth teams are doing well, the ladies are doing well. 

"Ant [Burns] has come in and although we are bottom of the table, there is a lot of positive football being played. 

"We were all buzzing in the last two years when we were flying in the Spartan. 

"We know where we are, we know what we have to do and if we go down, it is not the end of the world. 

"If we stay up, then wow, that will be some achievement considering the size of this club, the size of the village and the budget we have. 

"We’re still very positive."