City chairman says he will resign if trust hand over money

Chairman John Gibson says he will resign as chairman if trust hand over �10,000

ST ALBANS City chairman John Gibson says he will resign if the Saints City Trust gives back money Mr Gibson believes is rightfully the club’s.

A dispute has wrangled between the two parties for nearly two years regarding money accumulated through match day initiatives such as raffle tickets and proceeds from the club shop which is run by the Supporters Trust.

An agreement was reached where the club would receive a third of the takings from the match day initiatives and half of the takings from the club shop but the trust has been retaining all the funds after what a statement on the organisation’s website describes as a breach of its agreement with the club regarding inviting the trust to board meetings and discussing a business plan.

Mr Gibson has hit back calling the trust’s refusal to give funds to the football club “petty and unjustifiable”. In a statement on the club’s website Mr Gibson says he will offer his resignation if the trust was to hand back over �10,000 that he believes is the club’s money.

“It is admitted that agreements with the club have been reneged upon by the supporters trust, for reasons which are seemingly petty and unjustifiable,” the statement read.

“An agreement between two parties is a contract and cannot be breached by one party because it simply doesn’t like someone involved with the other party.

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“May I therefore suggest to the supporters trust, that if they want me to resign, then they must first return forthwith, what I consider to be the club’s money in total and not just the smaller amounts recently admitted to. In simple terms, I will post my resignation as chairman and director of St Albans City FC, as soon as the club’s money is returned to the club.

“I believe that this figure will be circa �10,000 plus and is no different to the level that we have discussed for nearly two years. It is therefore quite possible that Gibson could be out by the weekend, if the supporters trust acts decisively and without delay. Please note that I believe that I am accepting on behalf of the club, an offer that was made publicly quite recently in the press and that is, that the Supporters Trust will offer support and assistance to the club when I go. I want to make sure that this indeed happens.”