Cents army heading to Rugby League World Cup

Centurions Rugby League Club has announced it has sold 750 tickets for this weekend’s World Cup double-header at Wembley.

The two games are England against New Zealand and Australia versus Fiji.

Gary Tetlow, the driving force behind the Centurions ticket campaign, said: “St Albans Centurions wanted to give something back to the community and spread the word about what we believe is the best team sport in the world, so I thought it would be great to take a travelling army of St Albans sports fans to the Wembley event.

“Originally we targeted 500 ticket sales. This was a seriously big challenge, but the club was confident that it could meet the challenge.

“The uptake started slowly, but with the start of the World Cup in October, and the great standard of the games shown on TV, ticket sales have been flying. It’s nice to know that on Saturday, one piece of Wembley Stadium will be packed with St Albans sports fans.”

Centurions chairman Brian parker added: “ When Gary suggested that the Centurions get involved in selling tickets to the Rugby League World Cup in and around St Albans, we thought ‘What a great idea’, but I did not forsee this amount of tickets being sold.

“Public interest in the World Cup has exceeded all expectations. Television audiences have been far larger than the BBC thought and it is expected to be a sell-out for the final at Old Trafford on November 30, even before the two finalists are known.

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“Whilst Gary has definitely been the force behind the scenes directing our efforts, I would also like to thank the large number of Centurions players and supporters who have also been involved.”