Harpenden claim victory in the Maynard Cup after tense battle with neighbours

Harpenden's winning squad in the Maynard Cup

Harpenden's winning squad was Roy Polley, Brian Moores, John Osborn, Kevin Brazier, Neil Sharp, Tony Redford, Simon Burgess, John Williams, David Brooks and Woodie Donnaghue (not pictured). - Credit: HARPENDEN BOWLING CLUB

Harpenden claimed the Maynard Cup for the third year in succession - although they needed to survive a nerve-jangling semi-final against Townsend.

The trophy is for the winners of the Herts County Club League and the Spenser Road-based bowling club took the honour with a relatively straight-forward success over Welwyn Garden City.

The game in the last four against Townsend though was anything but comfortable.

The Townsend quartet of Mike Doherty, Bob Padget, Roger Potter and Peter Thomson had come from behind to lose 22-21.

But in the other rink, Bob Lawrie, Mike Cowell, Gordon Williamson and Alan Charran held a 16-14 lead going into the final wood, and a one-shot advantage overall.

However, Harpenden skip John Osborn trailed the jack to tie the game and take the match to an extra end.

That was decided in the final four woods with Harpenden's penultimate delivery proving decisive.

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Harpenden's squad also contained Roy Polley, Brian Moores, Kevin Brazier, Neil Sharp, Tony Redford, Simon Burgess, John Williams, David Brooks and Woodie Donnaghue.

The veteran men of Batchwood enjoyed a good win at home to Garston in the league.

The two triples brought the hosts a 36-14 success while a mixed team also beat Hertford Castle in a friendly by six shots.

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