Arrows take on Dunstable Downs

Harpenden Arrows at Dunstable

Harpenden Arrows at Dunstable - Credit: Archant

The 2014 Dunstable Downs Challenge Event took place on Sunday, September 14 and 13 Harpenden Arrows members took part in either the Marathon, 20 mile race or half marathon.

The route runs through the picturesque Chiltern Hills and is predominantly off-road, making use of public footpaths and bridleways with a few short stretches of country road.

Individual results include, in the Marathon: Patrick Mcguinness 3:52:04, David Green 3:52:28, Ammon Piepgrass 3:54:01, Andrew Cripps 4:04:22, Ed Rhodes 4:04:22, all of whom finished in the top 10. Twenty miles: Julian Jones 3:09:55, Colin Wareham 3:14:25, Sarah Dumbrill 3:40:51, Michael Hessey 3:40:53, Chitra Dunn 3:44:23, Graham Harper 3:44:39. Half Marathon: Jennifer Finlay 2:05:20 and Vicky Moran 2:24:44.

Harpenden Arrows meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm, St George’s School, Sun Lane, Harpenden. To find out more, visit or email