Arrows’ Jordan wins his age group at St Albans Half Marathon

Andy Jordan sprints to the finish

Andy Jordan sprints to the finish - Credit: Archant

Harpenden Arrows’ Andy Jordan won his age group at the weekend’s St Albans Half Marathon.

Jordan finished the race in 1:23.41 and crossed the line in 25th overall.

The club had 23 runners in total. The other finishers were: James Chasen (1:23.10), David Green (1:25.52), Andrew Cripps (1:32.02), Roger Montgomery (1:32.53), Chris Ebbs (1:34.03), Gordon Ray (1:36.36), Chris Sach (1:38.22), Michael Hessey (1:38.30), Paul Geary (1:40.09), Chris Cottle (1:40.53), David White (1:41.41), Scott Clarke (1:44.12), John Rowlands (1:45.37), Chitra Dunn (1:48.11), Steven Hoskins (1:48.17), Martin Petersen (1:45.21), Simon Townsend (1:49.11), John Mercer (1:48.42), Justine Thrope (1:55.14), Gill Holland (2:13.13), Brian Yates (2:27.11).