Some of the county's old warhorses enjoyed a fantastic day of vets rugby at the Harpenden sevens.

The vets competition brought together teams from a number of Hertfordshire clubs including St Albans, Verulamians, Berkhamsted and the hosts, Harpenden.

Vees ran out worthy winners with a last-gasp score against Harpenden, last year's winners, but all four teams played with the same determination as in years gone by, and the tries came thick and fast.

Mick O'Shea of St Albans said: "The play might be slower but the camaraderie generated was immense, as outrageous tales of yesteryear were re-told with a beer or two to ease the old bones.

"The only injury I saw were the boots of Owen Roberts falling apart mid sprint but he carried on running so well done him."

The plan now is to have even more vets games on the Friday before an international at one of the many clubs in the county.

Anyone interested should email Mick O'Shea on or call 07989 898 842.