More bowls clubs kicked off the new season with traditional fixtures and events.

Harpenden Bowling Club's president, Denise Moores, had the honour of raising the club flag to signal the start of the 2023 campaign.

That was followed by the first gala of the year as a team selected by Moores took on one chosen by the captain.

And it ended in a draw although the sight of six full rinks was the real prize for the club.

Harpenden's open days take place on Sunday, between 2pm and 5pm, with the second on Tuesday between 5pm and 7.30pm.

The only requirement is flat-soled shoes.

An eventful week at Townsend started with captain's day on Saturday followed by a cavaliers' day match in midweek.

A spokesman said: "The rinks were balanced most successfully, to the extent that most ended up with a victory margin of only a couple of shots.

"The top rink was a 16-9 success for Lorna Thomson, Andy Scarborough and Peter Thomson."

The final major event in the opening week was the first open day, when newcomers of all ages and levels of experience were welcomed to the club.

One of the new members to sign up described the game as "addictive and with much more to it than I thought".

Batchwood Hall is one of the first clubs in Hertfordshire to launch 'Bowls Bash' - a Bowls England initiative to get the sport played by the wider community.

You don't have to be a club member or wear a uniform, the only essential requirement is to wear flat shoes or trainers with flat soles to protect the green.

And the challenge is simple – roll your bowl at the jack with the closer you get, the more points you earn for your team.

Bowls Bash is normally played in teams of two or three, with players delivering 30 bowls each per match.

All equipment is provided by the club just make a booking and turn up – the green will be set up for you and you start bowling and having fun.

Bookings can be made by going to