Zebra crossing outside Colney Heath school is “ineffective” says father

The pedestrian crossing outside Colney Heath JMI

The pedestrian crossing outside Colney Heath JMI - Credit: Archant

A father whose daughter was once almost run down on a busy school crossing has called for more speeding measures to be put in place.

Ian Mathew, a driving instructor from Roestock Lane, has criticised the existing speed humps and zebra crossing outside Colney Heath JMI in the High Street which he said did nothing to stop people speeding.

His daughter Olivia, a former pupil at the school where he is a parent governor, narrowly missed being hit by a van when crossing the road with her mother and brother in 2008.

He said: “My son goes to the school and my daughter who used to go there was almost knocked down.

“The problem is the council put humps in and raised the zebra crossing but it’s still easy to go over them at 30 miles an hour and it’s been an issue for a while. There’s been quite a few near misses and the lollipop lady before actually was hit which is why she left.

“It is just a complete cut-through from the A414 and even though it is signposted people totally ignore it.”

He said the school’s board of governors had been aware of the issue for some time and a campaign “has been gathering speed”.

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He went on: “However we have been told that they can’t put bigger humps in because the buses that go through there can’t go over them, or they could put the speed limit to 20 miles an hour or put CCTV cameras in.”

A spokesman for Herts County Council confirmed that it has “no immediate plans to introduce further traffic calming measures on the High Street”.

He said: “If residents have concerns about speeding on the High Street we would advise them to discuss these with the police and with their local county councillor.”