Young St Albans boy with rare condition fundraises for specialised chair

Dominic's powered wheelchair broke six months ago and he now relies on adults to push him around at

Dominic's powered wheelchair broke six months ago and he now relies on adults to push him around at all times - Credit: Archant

A nine-year-old with a condition so rare it has no name is fundraising to buy a specialised chair that will give him independence.

Dominic Blower, of St Albans, has a genetic condition which means he needs to be fed through a tube and has difficulties processing sounds. The boy also has problems with his thyroid and relies on people pushing him around in his wheelchair.

His genetic condition is rare and doctors have not yet given it a name.

Dominic previously had a power chair which meant he was able to manoeuvre himself around. But, his chair has since broken and now he does not get to spend time with his friends alone.

His mum, Renata, said: “Everything is just that bit more difficult for Dominic.”

A replacement chair needed to give him his independence back will cost more than £10,000.

Renata, has been trying to raise the amount needed by getting in touch with Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children - a charity that provides children with equipment to meet the special needs of those with disabilities and terminal illness.

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The organisation is now fundraising to buy the new power chair.

Renata said: “The difference in Dominic since his chair broke has been huge - it has had a massive impact on the way he interacts with his friends.

“Having the new chair would transform his life as it has a raising function which would allow him to be at the same height as his peers so he wouldn’t have to keep looking up at people, something he finds quite painful.

“We have tried to get the chair from statutory services but we were told that because Dominic is able to use a manual chair when he is at home he doesn’t meet the criteria.”

Newlife will be donating any money raised to Dominic so he can get his powered wheelchair and any extra funds will go towards equipment for another disabled or terminally ill child in Herts.

The charity has now set up a Hertfordshire-based fund to support those under 19.

For more information or to donate, visit: