Young people invite politicians to talk about climate crisis

Youth Advisory Group for Sustainable St Albans

Youth Advisory Group for Sustainable St Albans: Jess Simmons, Niamh MacElvogue, Nina Vinther, Maddie Liver - Credit: St Albans Sust Fest

A group of young people are hosting an event to ask local politicians about the climate crisis.

The online event - Activism and Optimism with Local Politicians - is aimed at 14–27-year-olds and will include MPs Bim Afolami and Daisy Cooper, plus Green Party councillor Simon Grover.

It takes place on Wednesday, June 2 as part of the 2021 St Albans Sustainability Festival.

Jess Simmons,18, one of the event organisers and a member of the Youth Advisory Group for Sustainable St Albans said: “As a young person, I and many other young constituents see local politicians' policies on climate change as the most important factor to inform our voting decisions.

"The greatest issue my generation faces is the climate crisis, so I am excited to create an event where young people get to have conversations about these issues with their politicians.”

Alongside Jess on the newly formed advisory group are Niamh MacElvogue, 22, Nina Vinther and Maddie Liver, 23. 

The event aims to create an honest conversation on the climate and biodiversity crisis, and discuss how politicians can amplify, younger voices.

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Niamh said: “Having recently returned to St Albans from university, it has been encouraging to see the progress that has been made in tackling the climate crisis since I left.

"Involving and listening to the younger generation will be vital to continuing on this path with climate change being an issue that will disproportionately affect them. I hope this event will be valuable in getting younger people’s voices heard and empower them to be able to take action towards a greener future.”

Trustee of Sustainable St Albans Dan Fletcher said: “It’s inspiring to see young people moving forward with urgency on climate issues. They’ve organised an extremely interesting session which should be challenging for all the guests, and a great introduction to environmental issues for all local young people.”

To book the event go to

Under 18s will require their parent or guardian's email address to book.