Young musicians tell Peppa PiG: “Don’t go bacon our heart over song”

Magician's Nephew

Magician's Nephew - Credit: Archant

Breaking up with a young children’s character can be hard to do – as a St Albans rock band found out.

Joshua and Noah Lima, fromSt Albans based kids’ rock band Magician’s Nephew, got a blunt reply to their ode to former favourite TV show, Peppa Pig.

The boys, eight and 10, wrote a song about how they grew up loving the animated series, as many young children do, but lost interest as they got older.

But after uploading it to iTunes they received a stern notice warning them to take it down within a matter of days after producers Entertainment One issued a warning about breach of trademark.

Entertainment One describes Peppa Pig as one of its “most valuable properties” - the show is broadcast around the world and has been translated into more than two dozen languages.

Josh and Noah said: “We never thought this would be such a pig problem.”

The band said they are deeply sorry for the break-up and want to profoundly apologise to Peppa and her family as they have many fond memories of the show.

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Magician’s Nephew currently rehearses every week in central St Albans and 17 tracks for their first album have been written with another three or four in the pipeline. They hope to release a CD towards the end of the year.

The band has a few gigs lined up for this year, including appearing at St Albans Clock Tower and London St Pancras International Station.

Magician’s Nephew’s original song Peppa Pig can be heard at

Verse 1:

My friends have lost their faith

They will scream it to your face

In the playground of our school

Peppa Pig is no longer cool!

We all bought your DVDs

You were the greatest on TV

We had so much joy

You were my favourite toy!


Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig

Why aren’t you funny anymore?

Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig

You made us laugh so much before...

Peppa Pig, I’m over you I’m in Year Four

Peppa Pig, I just don’t love you anymore…

Verse 2:

I don’t mean to be cruel

But you’re not coming with me to school

The times we shared were fine

Now we need to draw the line

I know this must be hard

And I mean no disregard

Let’s go our separate ways

You and me were just a phase!