Young mum criticises council for lack of safety in St Albans flats

Shani Fuller has been asking the council to fit security doors to Queens Court for safety reasons

Shani Fuller has been asking the council to fit security doors to Queens Court for safety reasons - Credit: Archant

A young mum has slammed the council for the lack of safety measures in the block of flats that she lives in.

Shani Fuller, 22, who lives in Queens Court in Hatfield Road, St Albans, has been urging the council to install security doors after three men tried to kick in her door two months ago.

On that occasion, she called out the police because people were banging on her door. When they arrived the men left and the matter was logged by police as a suspicious incident. She has since been trying to get the council to make the building more secure.

Shani, who has a six-month-old daughter, said: “I called the council the day after and explained to them what had happened.

“I told them there was no security locks on the door and that teenagers can come in at night and start fights and stuff.

“The doors have no locks on them and they are so flimsy.”

Shani maintained she was told by the council that they would install security doors but when she called them the day before the work was due to happen, she was told there was nothing logged on the system about it.

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She said she was later told that intercoms would be installed into the flats in order to monitor who could enter the building but although a surveyor came out, she was subsequently told it would not happen in that financial year.

Shani has now asked to move out of the building because she no longer feels safe. She said: “If they’re not going to do the doors then I’m not going to feel safe.

“I’m trying to get a transfer to somewhere else and get moved.”

She added: “It’s frustrating me; I’m not the only person here with kids.”

St Albans council’s tenant services and performance manager, Joanne Turner, said the communal doors at Queen’s Court had been inspected earlier this year after a tenant expressed concern and they were found to be in a reasonably good condition.

She went on: “We have looked into the possibility of replacing the doors with a high-security door entry system. However, the cost of doing so would be very high, particularly for individual leaseholders.

“Going forward, our investment programme is committed to other higher priority communal door and entry projects.”

Joanne added: “The front doors to each flat were also inspected recently and met all required standards. They have multi-point locks and were only recently installed.”