Worries over water levels in River Colne

CONCERNED London Colney residents have been speaking out following last week’s Herts Advertiser story on the low water levels across the St Albans district.

The River Colne has also fallen victim to the unusually low rainfall which has seen water levels drop dramatically in rivers, streams and lakes over the past few weeks.

One London Colney resident said of the river: “It’s very worrying to see that the water has gone. There’s a tendency to think we have an endless supply of water, but this is proof that we don’t.

“My concern is that with temperatures remaining so mild for this time of year, it’s going to get worse. It would help if water companies contacted residents like me to advise them how they can help do their bit to save on water.”

Chair of London Colney Parish Council, Ian Orton, said that officers from the Environment Agency were checking the river on a daily basis to identify the impact on wildlife.

He continued: “I’ve been speaking to residents who have lived here for over 30 years and they say they have never known all seven of the arches dry up. It’s very concerning.

“The parish council has asked the Environment Agency to make sure that excess water is not being taken from the source by those who are licensed to do so.”

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A spokesperson for Veolia Water confirmed that the current low water levels in the River Colne were due to the fact that September had only 60 per cent of the average rainfall and around 18 per cent in October.

She continued: “Ground water levels are low and below average and we do not expect the river levels to change much in the next eight weeks. Normal winter rainfall should improve groundwater levels by next April.”