Work to protect verges from parking damage across St Albans district

Cars parked on the grass verges on Bluehouse Hill, St Albans

Cars parked on the grass verges on Bluehouse Hill, St Albans - Credit: Archant

GRASS verges across the district which have been damaged by parked vehicles are responding to measures brought in to protect them.

Working together, the district and county councils have introduced steps in various locations to restore damaged verges.

They include Watling Street where temporary wooden posts have been installed, Hatfield Road using double kerbs and bollards and Harpenden Road where a mixture of the two has been implemented.

In Colney Heath traffic regulations have led to the introduction of a zone making it illegal to park on most grass verges in the village. Among other measures used to protect damaged verges are installing posts and rails, planting trees and introducing grass-protecting grasscrete. A plan of action for similar measures to be deployed at other priority locations in the district will be drawn up at the district council’s car parking working party at its next meeting on Tuesday, April 9.

Cllr Beric Read, the council’s portfolio holder for community engagement and localism, said: “Parking on grass verges is an issue that is of concern to residents as it causes unsightly damage to the local area.”

Any residents with concerns about damage caused to grass verges by parking, should call 01727 819450 or raise the issue with their local councillor.