Savvy Sisters are doing it for themselves at Harpenden menopause event

Founder of Savvy Sisters Natalie Groves

Founder of Savvy Sisters Natalie Groves - Credit: Savvy Sisters

I used to be the 24 year-old in the office shivering while people who knew a bit more about life and how to do the job properly went round opening all the windows. It was only last year I realised I am now the hot woman in the room. And not in a good way. 

I walk into the lounge to the sound of my husband's teeth chattering and insist he feels my hand to see how warm I am. In fact, the close ones in my life gets this opportunity, fairly regularly, and are met with an angry response if they say "You aren't that hot". (Always just agree. It's for your  own good in the long-run.)

This is of course the stereotypical beginnings of the menopause often joked about or played down by men and medics and sometimes both at the same time. That is my experience anyway. 

And it seems I am not alone. Some might say that if the menopause was a man issue, there would have been a lot more research done into it and maybe even an effective solution by now. 

There has been loads of focus on this in the press and when I was initially considering sharing a tiny bit of my own experience here my first response was that I don't get paid enough and should leave it to Davina McCall. 

So I was intrigued to hear about a local event organised for women who are starting, part way or almost "completed" the menopause to meet up and share their experiences.

Founder of Savvy Sisters Natalie Groves has organised the day on March 5 at the Rothampsted campus in Harpenden.

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She explained: "After going through peri-menopause for some years I soon learnt there was little information available, and the small amount out there was often conflicting, with many of my friends experiencing the same, I knew I needed to do something about the situation.

"We are formed by a collective of women who are starting, part way or almost "completed" the menopause. For all the the women whose doctors didn’t understand, who were prescribed anti-depressants, think they are going mad, who have put on weight, struggling with their job, have gone off sex, are hot cold hot cold and shout at their husbands!

"This is a time for THEM, to share, learn and laugh, be with like-minded people in a safe environment, with experts within arm’s reach, talking to them about them.

"I’m passionate about all things menopause, having struggled myself for many years, with symptoms from hot flushes to anxiety. I felt I had lost myself. I wanted to go somewhere - anywhere! - with people that would understand and support me. I searched both regionally or locally to no avail, nothing that was affordable and informative, so I deceived to plan an event myself and hello Savvy Sisters!

"We understand that there is little accessible information available on this journey and wanted to create a community of women who can ask and answer questions, talk about the 'uncomfortable' bits, and bring together resources and experts who can help, as we know how frustrating it can be trying to get to the right people in real life."

The day will feature speakers including Luxmi, a consultant at Barts in gynaecology and Victoria, a nutritionist who is passionate in helping menopause women, with the aim of helping attendees obtain the information, knowledge, and resources they need to get the right help managing their menopause.

Tickets are on sale now and will include refreshments, light lunch, WIFI, free parking and the event will of course follow Covid protocols to keep attendees safe and well.

More information can also be found at or