Women saved stranger’s life after she collapsed in St Albans city centre

View over St Albans city centre

View over St Albans city centre - Credit: Archant

Two quick-thinking women who saved a stranger’s life after she collapsed and stopped breathing in the city centre are also to be honoured for their heroic actions.

Debbie Davies, 48, of Culver Road in St Albans and another woman, who wished to stay anonymous, have been awarded Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificates for helping Jacqueline Poll, 48, of Ramsbury Road on October 13, last year.

The society’s secretary, Dick Wilkinson, said: “Their swift intervention played a major role in saving Ms Poll’s life.

“They richly deserve the awards they are to receive.”

Ms Davies was working in a shop in Market Place when Ms Poll, collapsed outside.

She started to fit and was bleeding profusely from an injury above her eye that she received when she fell.

Ms Davies and a passer-by both rushed to her aid and put her in the recovery position as she continued to fit.

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However, she then stopped breathing and they found she had no pulse.

Mr Wilkinson said: “They put her on her back and started to administer cardiac pulmonary resuscitation with Ms Davies holding her head and keeping her airway open.”

He said that Ms Davies then dialled 999 and continued to talk to the operator and relay information about Ms Poll’s condition.

He went on: “After a few minutes, Ms Poll started to breathe. She was treated in hospital and has now been released.

“But for a time it was touch and go and Ms Davies and the other woman undoubtedly made the difference between life and death.”

No date has yet been set for the awards, which are made on the recommendation of Herts Police.