Woman’s car catches fire in Harpenden

A WOMAN narrowly escaped from her car when it suddenly burst into flames at the side of a road in Harpenden this morning.

An eyewitness, who was dropping her brother off at a nearby house, said she saw the woman’s car catch light on Luton Road today, Tuesday July 24.

Tania de Malglaive said: “First of all there was a big bang and then the engine blew up in flames. Before that the woman managed to get out. She came out then it went up in flames.

“The first fire truck was there but I don’t think they were putting it out and then another one came. After this white smoke went everywhere.”

Harpenden and Potters Bar fire crews were on the scene at around 11.50am and managed to successfully extinguish the blaze just after midday.

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