Woman left ‘unable to move’ after drink spiked at St Albans nightclub

Hayley Mancey. Picture: Hayley Mancey

Hayley Mancey. Picture: Hayley Mancey - Credit: Archant

A woman was left unable to speak or control her body after her drink was spiked in a St Albans nightclub.

The bruises Hayley Mancey suffered after being manhandled by bouncers in Club Veeda. Picture: Hayley

The bruises Hayley Mancey suffered after being manhandled by bouncers in Club Veeda. Picture: Hayley Mancey - Credit: Archant

Hayley Mancey, 32, was thrown out of Club Veeda in Adelaide Street by bouncers and was not given medical attention, despite becoming ill after accepting a drink from a stranger.

She visited Club Veeda with a friend on Sunday night, and after becoming separated from her friend found herself locked in a toilet cubicle with no recollection of what had happened.

Hayley, who has two children and lives in Bedfordshire, said: “I normally go to this club near enough every week. I know everyone there and I know all the bouncers and everything. That weekend I was there Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. I’m quite a regular there.

“There was a group of guys and they were all talking to me and one of them bought me a drink. My friend said I kept disappearing and I never do that.

Club Veeda

Club Veeda - Credit: Archant

“I ended up locked in a cubicle, on the floor. All I could hear were voices and I couldn’t control myself and I couldn’t move or talk.”

Hayley’s friend later told her that she had been locked in the cubicle for about an hour, and messages on Hayley’s phone showed that the incident had taken place between 12am and 1am.

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She said: “I could hear people shouting my name and saying ‘there’s a girl in there’. My body was like a dead weight.

“They finally got the door open and then three bouncers were trying to get me out of the toilet. I could feel the bouncers trying to get me up and they were grabbing my arms. I’ve got bruises on my arms.

“I felt [a bouncer] chuck me over his shoulder. I was trying to tell my friend that I was in pain but I just couldn’t talk. I remember throwing up down the back of the bouncer and they just chucked me outside. They didn’t seek medical attention.” Hayley is concerned that other women attending the club might not receive help from staff if they find themselves in the same situation.

She said: “I know a lot of people get drunk and they can’t move, but they know me so well in that club. I have never been collapsed in their toilets or anything like that.

“It just really upset me that they wouldn’t seek medical attention and they just didn’t care.

“They never search people. They didn’t search them so those people that have spiked my drink have got in there with the drugs on them.

“I want people to be aware of it - the girls that go there.”

Hayley told the Herts Ad that when she emailed the son of Club Veeda’s owner, he replied saying ‘How are you feeling lol’. She believes that based on her symptoms she may have been spiked with Ketamine. She said: “The next day I felt really awful. Not like a regular hangover.”

Hayley reported the incident to police on Tuesday, August 28. A Herts police spokeswoman said: “We received a report of an alleged drink spiking in St Albans town centre and enquiries are being made with the victim.”