Wind power breezes into Colney Heath

New wind turbine makes “tremendous contribution” to alternative energy generation

THE winds of change are blowing in Colney Heath after the installation of a 24.5m-high wind turbine, believed to be the first of its size on private property in the district.

Councillor for the Colneys Chris Brazier has welcomed “the tremendous contribution” the recently constructed turbine will make to the alternative energy generation industry.

The 11kW turbine, with a ground-to-tip height of 24.5m, was built at Colney Heath farmhouse on the High Street following approval from St Albans district council at the end of last year, two months after it was initially refused on aesthetic grounds.

The permit was gained after applicant Greg Felton suggested changing the appearance of the 18.4m high hub of the tower from an industrial looking lattice to a more slimline tubular design.

Cllr Brazier said: “It’s a fascinating thing to see and hear, because there is no noise. All you can hear is the wind. You can have a conversation under it.”

He added: “Colney Heath now leads the way in using alternative energy sources and protecting the environment; the new St Albans district council should follow our lead.”

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The aim is to have the turbine, located in a field at the rear of the property, with a house, office and outbuildings, ultimately provide all of the site’s energy requirements.

A two-way meter will allow electricity to be fed directly into the National Grid at times when the energy generation exceeds onsite demand.

Mr Felton, who has lived in the village for about 10 years, said: “We are just happy that we are generating electricity and cutting costs, and having a positive impact on the environment.

“We should break even in about six-to-seven-years time. It gives power right from the word go.”

He explained that installing the turbine made economic sense and seemed the right thing to do for the environment as it would save 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Mr Felton thanked Cllr Brazier and Colney Heath parish council for supporting his proposal.