Will world class magicians Penn and Teller be fooled by Radlett magician?

A RADLETT magician will attempt to dazzle two of the greatest magicians in the world on Saturday night’s new prime time ITV show.

Jon Allen, a professional magician, will star in the first show of the Penn and Teller: Fool Us series this Saturday (June 18).

He will join other magicians from across the country as they try to bamboozle magicians Penn and Teller with one of their tricks. If a magician successfully fools them, he or she will win a five star trip to Las Vegas to perform as the opening act in Penn and Teller’s world famous Vegas show.

Jon, who has two young sons, said the whole experience was exciting and full of surprises even for him. He said: “Coming out on stage, the audience of around 600 were amazing. There was a wall of applause, which is always a good way to start work. I’ve met Penn and Teller before so I was not nervous about seeing them sitting there, watching me. If anything, I was happy to have the chance to show them what I can do.

“During the performance, a few things came as a bit of surprise. I needed someone to come and help me with my routine but didn’t know how long it would take to mic them up so they could be heard on TV. A few other things happened, which I can’t talk about yet!”

Jon has travelled around the world performing his magic tricks for companies, entertaining royalty, Olympic champions and many celebrities. He began entertaining in a few restaurants before he joined The Magic Circle and met professional magicians who offered him work and placed him firmly on his career path.

The opportunities made available through his career also gave Jon the chance to propose to his girlfriend in a magical setting. He’d been on a lecture tour of Australia and was invited to visit a group of nearby South Pacific islands called Vanuatu. During a visit to a private island, walking in the sunshine on a jetty, he proposed to her. He said: “It was the most amazing moment made possible by a childhood hobby that turned into a career.”

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Jon is not allowed to reveal how well he did on the show, which is pre-recorded, but to find out, watch ITV1 this Saturday at 8pm.