Herts Ad Comment: Tackling scourge of fly-tipping

The fridges off Hixberry Lane. Picture: Ellen Myring

The fridges off Hixberry Lane. Picture: Ellen Myring - Credit: Archant

Are you the sort of person who throws a crisp packet out of your car window, empties the contents of your pocket in the park, or chucks any empty drinks can into the nearest hedge?

Of course you’re not. These days most right-thinking, environmentally-aware members of society wouldn’t dream of such selfish and irresponsible behaviour, and would rightly condemn anyone who behaved in this fashion.

But would you take all the necessary steps to ensure the company you have paid a bargain fee to get rid of your old white goods, hardcore, carpets or kitchen fittings was actually disposing of them legally?

After all, that’s no longer your responsibility? Right? Wrong. If you are not using a registered waste carrier to remove your rubbish, then you could be contributing to the blight of fly-tipping which is ruining our countryside.

To make matters worse, some of these despicable dumpers aren’t even leaving rubbish in a layby or field, they’re tipping it out in the middle of country lanes, potentially risking lives.

The scourge of the fly-tippers must be treated with the same abhorrence we apply to any other polluter, and it is our joint responsibility to do whatever we can to bring them to justice.

Report anyone you see acting suspiciously, and take a note of the licence numbers of vehicles spending too long parked up in remote country lanes.

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Don’t try to save money by employing unregistered tradesmen to dispose of your rubbish, you are directly contributing to fly-tipping and will be held accountable by the authorities.

This newspaper will publicise any convictions for fly-tipping, and ensure those responsible are named in print, as this is perhaps the only way we can thwart their irresponsible actions - shaming them in front of their friends and neighbours.