Why no apology after worm found lurking in new potato at St Albans restaurant?

The Harvester customer was horrified to find a worm in their potato

The Harvester customer was horrified to find a worm in their potato - Credit: Archant

A disgruntled diner has expressed her disgust at the uninvited dinner guest who appeared on her sister’s plate mid meal.

Chantelle Western, 21, was having lunch at the St Albans Harvester in Harpenden Road with her sister, Mum and friend on March 26, when they had a nasty surprise.

Nearing the end of their meal Chantelle’s sister, Chelsea Western, noticed her potato contained a sizeable worm.

She had ordered salmon with baby potatoes and had eaten most of the food before she cut into a remaining potato to reveal the worm.

Shocked and somewhat amused at the discovery, when the waitress came to check on their food, Chelsea informed her of the incident.

Expecting an apology, the sisters were surprised by the rude reply.

Chantelle said: “The lady’s response was ‘would you like more potatoes?’, which we laughed off and said ‘no thanks’.

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“The lady took the plate away and we couldn’t even finish the side order of chicken wings we had. We are disgusted with the service they gave us as they didn’t even think to offer us a discount on the meal. You’d expect that as a nice gesture. We didn’t get an apology either, just disgusting.”

Following her bad experience, Chantelle took to social media to express her dismay at the service.

She added: “I have written on the Harvester Facebook page and they asked me to write a message to them, but why should I? They’re only going to offer me a voucher to go back to the Harvester. To me that is ridiculous, why would we want to go back to an appalling restaurant with appalling service?”

A spokeswoman for Harvester said that following Chantelle’s post on their Facebook page, she did not fill out their official guest feedback link as requested.

She added that their system only allowed them to process feedback through the form, and she encourages Chantelle to fill out the form so they could resolve the complaint quickly.

“We apologise for any upset that has been caused to Chantelle Western when visiting The Ancient Briton Harvester in St Albans,” she said.