Christmas coming early for St Albans over-60s

People aged over-60s in St Albans are being urged to apply.

People aged over-60s in St Albans are being urged to apply. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Over-60s in the St Albans district are getting Christmas early this year.

The St Albans Old People’s Trust, a local charity, is looking to help old people in financial need, hardship, or distress.

Grants administrator Paul Smyth said: “Please just call us about anything you need help with: everything we provide is totally free.

“We buy and get installed items like washing machines, tumble driers, cookers, beds. We pay utility and heating bills.

“We have reliable contractors that we employ to fit new carpets, paint and do handyman jobs. We buy walkers, warm clothes, glasses, shoes, bedding, help with moving costs: the list is endless.

“The Trust can also fund a weekly free shopping and cleaning service for people who need help, which is provided by Age UK.

“We have a reliable plumbing contractor that can do a free boiler service, and we can also pay for boiler repairs.”

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The Trust do not discriminate against those who have their own home, or an amount in savings.

It affords the donations due to having previously owned, and sold, Glenalmond on King Harry Lane, which allowed them to help numerous elderly people.

Such as a Mrs “MB”, a 78-year-old who lives in an almshouse, and who applied for a folding three-wheel walker.

She said: “I was speaking to one of my neighbours about the trouble I was having walking, and she recommend I speak to the trust as they had recently given a grant to for a bed to her friend.

“I am finding it so much easier to get around now.

“Having the built-in seat on the walker makes a big difference. If I get tired I can stop and have a rest before starting off again. I no longer have to worry about finding a bench. The walker is really light and it means I can now get on and off buses.”

“I would recommend the trust. They have been so helpful and the grant made a big difference to me. I would like to thank them so much for their help.”

Applicants needs to fill in a form, and can ring 07541 659442 or visit for assistance. The Trust will have a stand at the Alban Arena on Wednesday, October 11, and at the Harpenden Senior Forum on Thursday, October 12.