Wheathampstead cat back home after more than three years

A BELOVED pet cat has surprised her Wheathampstead owners by reappearing three-and-a-half years after she went missing.

Gucci, a 10-year-old black cat, went missing from the family home in Stevenage in April 2008 but thanks to microchip technology, she has been reunited with her owner Michelle Claire and her family.

Shortly after Gucci went missing, the family relocated to Wheathampstead. Gucci, who is thought to have roamed the streets for three years, was eventually taken in by a Stevenage family who took her to animal charity Wood Green’s Heydon Centre.

There they found the microchip and contacted Michelle to tell her Gucci was safe and well.

Michelle said they were over the moon to see the cat again. She said: “When we realised she had gone missing, we put posters up on lampposts, in shops and my husband walked for miles in search of her. It is great to have Gucci back.”

Animal Rehomer at the Heydon Centre, James Inwood said: “We were delighted to be able to reunite Gucci with her family, who were clearly very worried about her welfare – even after three-and-a-half years.”

n A HEAD to tail massaging machine and five different luxurious beds around the house are just some of the luxuries that a St Albans cat enjoys and now she wants the world to know it.

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Tiddlywinks has been entered in the 5 Star Feline search by Gourmet cat food to find the UK’s most pampered cats and her owner, Dawn Barron, thinks she’s in with a chance.

She said: “When I saw this competition, I just had to enter Tiddlywinks. She’s a very pampered cat and has many comfortable blankets to sleep on around the house, as well as five different and very luxurious beds to choose from.

“Tiddlywinks has her own personal cat massaging machine which gives her a full body massage, from head to tail. She uses it twice a week to make sure she is nice and relaxed. Tiddlywinks also has personalised feeding bowls to make her feel extra special.”

If Tiddlywinks does win, Dawn will take home a 17.5 carat diamond pendant worth �20,000 plus a year’s supply of cat food. Eleven finalists will also receive a diamond pendant worth �1,000.

Anyone wanting to enter their own pampered feline can at www.gourmet-cat.co.uk/win or they can vote for Tiddlywinks there.